Dual motors. Adaptable malleable neck. Effective. The perfect vibrator for blended orgasms

Like almost all of the other recent lovense toys, the dolce is fully integrated into all the lovense interactive experiences, whether that's cams, video clip synchronize or two-way device control.

While dual-stimulation vibrators are zilch new, lovense is hoping that the combination of independent dual motors and a limber body can help more people attain properly mixed orgasms, via simultaneous stimulus of the clit and the g spot.

On top like many other lovense adult toys, the dolce only presently arrives in the company's distinguishable pink color and costs the same as the new lush 3, at $119. Sleek silicone protection and super-strong vibrations for amazing orgasms.

Getting solo play to the next level!
Dolce remains in position permitting you to have a handsfree experience while exploring your self and leading to intense, whole body sensations. Programmable trait
Customise your vibration strengths to your liking and save them to the buttons for later on use. Also, program up to ten favored patterns!

Steady connectednes
Newest generation of bluetooth sensor and bluetooth chip for long-distance play for beloved. Dolce is an adjustable dual sex toy which can be customized to a wide range of vibration strengths.

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