Exomoon by Lovense - inconspicuous vibrator

I especially appreciate lipstick vibrators - they are versatile and funny to play with - and this 1 was especially quite, given that it look like a top quality lipstick. The name is also fantastic ( screech out if you're also an astronomy nerd ).

Lovense's Exomoon is a sex toy that's been years in developpement. I will explain how strong and rumbly its pulse is, and how simple it is to carry. This handy little vibrator, designed to resemble a true lipstick, is a super hidden vibrator. Vibes on the move, solo nipple and clitoral play, or even share with a partner. Makes the perfect every day sex toy which is the ideal adult toy gift for your girlfriend or wife!

The lipstick on it own weighs 30 at the base, there's a little silicone cover that you peel off to show the charging plug.

The silicone was smooth - not draggy. It was also simple to clean up. The lipstick cap was good because it easy to store. As i mentioned before, i was concerned if this device would be strong enough, indeed i like a bit more extreme pulses, and those bullet adult toys aren't acknowledged to be the stronger ones. All i have to say is, i was not disappointed! This toy is exceptionally powerful, and it sense like more than enough for m'on its strongest level. It is a bit like the clitoris sex toy located on the nora, the bunny vibrator from the same brand. Even if it won't drop ( one corner is affixed to the device ) you don't wish to warp the end cover element. I'm not sure how that element of the toy will hold up over time. But i gues that's few more of a customer service thing to resolve. It was not nearly as strong as ambi, but i didn't thought it woutd be. It will be a good foreplay vibe further to exploit on more parts of the body. Any cam girls out there may like it to add to their toy chest to spice up their shows. And since price can be an concern for any customer s, i consider this one will be onecheaper ones and the perfect beginners.Mobile app lipstick sex toy