My experiences with Lovense Exomoon lipstick bullet sex toy

Lovense lipstick is a water-proof adult toy designed to look like a lipstick. Exomoon is a bullet adult toy hidden as a lipstick recently released by Lovense. Lovense do high quality risk-free products that can, among more things, interact with their app and permit you to play with people everywhere on the world.

I'll releave my practice with it, further my overall viewpoints about the toy in this review, and ideally it will be helpful to you if you're thinking about buying this lipstick. A tiny, discreet, yet potent motor which is deliberately tiny & lightweight in layout. This accessible little sex toy, designed to look like a real lipstick, is a super hidden sex toy. Bluetooth and remote app-controlled, interactive and some more via Lovense mobile app. Makes the excellent every day adult toy which is the ideal adult toy gift for your girlfriend or spouse!

the slanted tip send pulses directly to the clit. Since clit orgasms are normally easier than vaginal ones, this Lovense lipstick vibrator is the rational choice for long-distance relations ( where at least

The product comes in a small box, alongside 2 manual s, a charging cable, and alittle black soft purse, where you can put your lipstick. The toy on it own weighs 30 grams and has a guarantee of one yr. It is watertight ( ip7x ) and the brand recommend s pairing it with water based lube. I assume in this case, the presentation of the item is particularly significant, since this is meant to be a stealthy vibrator. As a lipstick hoarder, i can honestly utter this can easily go as a high-quality lipstick, if somebody ever chooses to search your belongings for whatever reason, and you want to hide your naughtiest belongings. The point that pulses ( the red bullet ) is also rubbery, made of top quality silicone. At the basis, there's a small silicone cover that you peel off to reveal the charging port.

It can run up to 177 minutes with a recharge time of one hundred twenty five minute s, and be on standby for up to a hundred hrs. Charging was intriguing just because it takes a small effort to get the end cover off the bottom to show the magnetic charging plug. And since cost can be an concern for any clients, i consider this one1 of the cheaper ones and the ideal beginners. remote controlled lipstick vibrator