Lovense Gush : decide on your way to orgasm

If you like rubbing feelings, go for stroking in addition to pulses. Remembered that you can add an optional strip in both cases for more intensity. I was blessed to get it pretty fast and needed to share my thoughts on the toy. You should realize that these are my feelings of my exploit of this stroker.

The toy is designed to clamp on to your penis, handing around from the underside.

Really simple to clean se when compared to other male strokers.

The massager is a fairly silent one even at max. In a really quiet room it may be difficult to conceal the sound inside it, however if you were say, out in public using it, I doubt any person would figure you out. That said, the massager is a big package to have inside your trousers if you were going for walks about outdoors. Combined with you potentially being erect, you could experience more issues concealing it visually therefore audibly, however hey perhaps you have a good trick to get around that. I wouldn't be concerned about losing it, with the massager strapped on and stay into your pants, this things not going everywhere.

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