Hyphy by Lovense : one massager. Diverse sorts of enjoyment.

lovense just introduced its first double-sided adult toy, hyphy, and i'm excited to share my thoughts on it. Dual the pleasure thanks to the g-spot component and the clitoris element that can be controlled individually. You can choose between very meek, teasing stimulus and very extreme vibrations, dependent how you like it ideally.

For clitoral application, you have 3 distinct attachment s that you'll see in the storage box. Each of these fittings can be easily fixed to the thin clitoral facet of the sex toy. You have a choice between a rounded attachment, an fitting that resembles a mini tongue, and another that is u-shaped to ‘hug' the clit. It provides rumbling, throbbing vibrations that may catch you off guard if you are not used to applying pressure straight to your g-spot. Use the strong gspot sex toy on the other extremity for long sessions solo or with a partner. Locate power. Lovense hyphy brings it with a dot of jolting intensity, practically steamrolling your clit with high-speed pulses. I'm not kidding, this little vibe buzzs it up with how powerful the pointy part is, and then the handle end is a strong g-spot sex toy. If it's strength you seek, the lovense hyphy is utterly going to house in and rival a womanizer clit suction sex toy for strength.

Hyphy's multi-function design does enable the two ends of the vibrator to vibrate, in case you wish various feelings in just one toy.

They call it high-frequency - whereas I, a adult toy critic, would tend to use the expression buzzy instead for the same sensations. Find more lovense clitoris & vaginal adult toys rated for intensity below.

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