Hyphy by Lovense : double engines : high-frequency, super-strong tip for the clitoris & a effective gspot vibrator at the base.

you can select from unlimited pulse patterns, generate your own patterns, synchronize hyphy to your lover's voice or your favourite music.

Turn the lovense hyphy over to explore the g-spot silicone item, which can be utilized for intense internal penetration. All functions ( both ends of this multi-function adult toy ) can be controlled separately, so you can customize them perfectly. High-frequency end pulses will provide you orgasm in second s. This lovense hyphy review the power of the oscillating tip & the gspot end, how to use the hyphy, and my & a friend's practice testing it out!

First, let's get the hyphy vibrator's name defined : i consider it's pronounced high-fee, a clipping of high frequency. ( i think hi-free didn't sounds as awesome. ) in fact, hyphy's name is part of a trend to reclaim power, high-pitched vibration as a selling position. They call it high-frequency - whereas I, a vibrator reviewer, would tend to say the phrase buzzy rather for the same feeling. I do feel it's more intensive than the lovense last lush for sure and, that's why, might make you come quite quickly. Find other lovense clitoris & vaginal adult toys rated for intensity below.

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