Hyphy by Lovense : dual-end high-frequency adult toy for fast orgasms

you can choose between super gentle, teasing stimulation and really intense vibrations, according how you like it ideally. You can select from unlimited vibration patterns, produce your own patterns, synchronize hyphy to your lover's voice or your favorite music.

You have a option between a ball-shaped attachment, an attachment that resembles a tiny tongue, and another which is u-shaped to ‘hug' the clit. It gives rumbling, beating vibrations that could catch you off guard if you are unaccustomed implementing pressure straight to your gspot. All function s ( both ends of this multi-purpose adult toy ) can be controlled independently, so you can personalize them to perfection. High-frequency end vibrations will make you come in second s. If it's intensity you seek out, the lovense hyphy is utterly going to home in and competitor a womanizer clit suction adult toy for intensity. It is not a rumbly vibrator; it is not a balanced adult toy ( that allows a slow progression from low to maximum pulse speed ). Rather, the hyphy's 2 sides are... Properly, straight to the point.

Hyphy's multi-function design does permit both extremities of the vibrator to vibrate, in case you want different feeling s in just one toy.

The lovense hyphy comes with a exactly handy plastic carrying case that has a slot for all 3 accessories! Place them in their respective storage slots properly after drying. And be careful to lie the attachments someplace flat & stable while drying, because those can roll away otherwise and are so tiny, they're effortles to misplace! They call it high-frequency - whilst I, a adult toy reviewer, would tend to use the term buzzy rather for the same feeling. Find other lovense clitoris & vaginal adult toys rated for strength here.

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