Lovense Hyphy : Hyphy vibration strength & features

lovense only launched its first double-sided adult toy, hyphy, and i am enthusiastic to share my point of view on it. Hyphy is designed specifically for women's satisfaction. Dual the pleasure thanks to the g spot accessory and the clit component that can be controlled separately. You can choose from unlimited vibration programmong patterns, produce your personal patterns, synchronize hyphy to your lover's voice or your preferred music.

Very powerful remote-controlled double end sex toy with versatile functions and customizable programming patterns. Flip the lovense hyphy over to discover the g-spot silicone component, which can be used for intense inner penetration. All functions ( both side s of this multi-purpose adult toy ) can be controlled independently, so you can personalize them perfectly. Pinpoint strength. Lovense hyphy brings it with a dot of jolting intensity, practically steamrolling your clitoris with high-speed vibrations. I'm not joking, this little vibe kicks it up with how extreme the pointy end is, and therefore the handle end is a strong g-spot sex toy. It is not a rumbly vibrator; it is not a balanced sex toy ( that permits a slow progression from minimal to maximum pulse speed ). As an alternative, the hyphy's two sides are... Well, straight to the point.

The closest comparison I can make: hyphy is like a womanizer premium except with focused vibes instead of pulsing air. It's hard to even rate the pinpoint tip's intensity level vs. More-standard sex toys, because of how tiny hyphy's tip is! Find more lovense clitoris & vaginal adult toys rated for intensity here.

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