Hyphy by Lovense : hyphy with lovense remote control

hyphy is designed specifically for women's pleasure.

For the gspot part - it definitely works really well, but i can't say it's specially quite innovative. It's only a classic g spot adult toy for when i need an inside orgasm. All purposes ( each side s of this multi-function adult toy ) can be controlled separately, so you can customize them perfectly. Exploit the powerful g spot adult toy on the other extremity for long sessions alone or with a friend. If it's power you want, the lovense hyphy is utterly going to home in and rival a womanizer or satisfyer clit suction vibrator for strength. This lovense hyphy overview rates the power of the oscillating tip & the g spot extremity, how to exploit the hyphy, and my & a friend's practice testing it out!

First, let's get the hyphy vibrator's name explained : i assume it's pronounced high-fee, a clipping of high frequency. Without a doubt, hyphy's name is part of a tendency to reclaim potent, acute pulse as a offering point. I do feel it's a lot more intense than the lovense last lush ( whose motor i feel is a downgrade from the lush two ) for sure and, that's why, may provoke you an orgasm very swiftly. I'd give hyphy an 8/10 power ranking for the tip, and a 6.5/10 for the g spot part.

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