The Exomoon by Lovense is a secret, slight remote controlled lipstick sex toy.

this might look like a lipstick review, but truly, we're here to talk about some thing considerably, considerably naughtier as most of you may possibly know, Lovense is an amazing adult toy label. Lovense Exomoon is their newest release, and i was super excited! I was a little bit worried that it may possibly not be potent sufficient via, as i have experienced that issue with other bullet sex toys before. Spoilers : i was mistaken!

This handy little adult toy, designed to look like a real lipstick, is a super concealed sex toy. Bluetooth and remote app-controlled, interactive and far more via Lovense rc app. Usb rechargeable battery that last up to 3 hours of use. It is entirely watertight, so go ahead truly love a shower or soak. Makes the impeccable everyday sex toy which is the perfect adult toy present for your girlfriend or wife!

The tilted tip focuses vibrations immediately towards the clitoris. Since clitoris orgasms are normally simpler than vaginal ones, this Lovense lipstick sex toy is the natural option for long-distance relations.

Lovense Exomoon review - we've had bunny vibrators, anal plugs, and penis rings - eventually we have a lipstick vibrator!

The toy on it own weighs 30 I assume in this case, the presentation of the product is especially important, since this is meant to be a hidden vibrator. As a lipstick hoarder, i can actually utter this can easily be considered as a high-quality lipstick, if someone ever chooses to search your belongings for no matter what purpose, and you wish to conceal your naughtiest possessions. The outside is black and rubbery, like a lot of lipsticks are presently. There's a small silver button around the basis, which is where you flip it on or off and set the strength levels. At the basis, there's a small silicone cover that you peel off to reveal the charging port.

It can run up to 3 houres with a time of recharge of 125 minutes, and can stand by for upto a hundred hours. The silicone is soft - not draggy at all. It was also easy to clean up. The lipstick cap was nice because it easy to store. This toy is exceptionally potent, and it felt like morethan sufficient in my case on its strongest set. It is a bit like the clitoris adult toy situated on the nora, the rabbit sex toy from the same brand. And since cost can be an issue for some consumers, i feel this one will be oneles expensive ones and the impeccable new be. mobile app secret vibrator