Ferri a tiny magnetic panty stimulator

Ferri is done for comfort, it's thin and made with silky-smooth silicone that's soft on the skin. Ferri is for couples searching an adventure outside the bedroom -? Those who may wish to add some excitement to date night, dog walks, or a boring meeting. In ferri user trials, couples said to us of the thrill of having their friend in control and having a small secret just between both of them. Plus, 89% of participants told us they had a funny experience with ferri. Resellers can watch and share the ferri product video or learn about ferri's options. Ferri has more than 10 different pulse options each with 10 levels of intensity. Ferri by lovense features enhanced connectivity thanx to the improvements of bluetooth 5.

This stick will enable a better tension on the g spot, which means even more efficient vibrations!

How is the shipping/packaging like?
The shipping and delivery method is very discreet, as it will come in a plain box without any hint as to what's inside. This was reassuring for reasons I can't quite say - I think possibly I was afraid it would be written, "big big sex toy in the box! " in big red letters or something. Once you open it up, you will see the Lovense Lush 3 waiting inside, safely packaged within a froth mold. Effective vibration. As a small vibrating toy gives quite an extreme vibration. To be more specific, it's 4 times above most toy in the sector. The vibration force is similar, but the engine performance and longevity are very much improved. The control button of the toy locates at the top of the. , which permits you to easily switch it on/off or adjust the setting.

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