Long range control sex toy

Developed primarily for couples and camgirls, this remote control vibrator is a great technique to experiment with kinks like public enjoy and orgasm denial, or you can just exploit it for some excellent old-fashioned fun.

Lush 3 is a adorable little egg vibrator that has a spherical component and a bluetooth receiver. The bulbous part is made for internal use and the antenna shall stay out of the pussy, achieving for good bluetooth link while being controlled by mobile phones.

This rod will allow a better pressure on the g spot, which means even more powerful vibrations!

What size it is?
The vibrator is moderately small, with the egg being around 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The antenna tail is lengthier, but this tail antenna is designed to ameliorate the bluetooth cue of the toy, so that makes sense. I didn't pay attention compared to the second model, but hey, there's not really any clear difference either.

Sound level Lush 3 produces reduced noise when in use and it's one of the most quite egg sex toys in the market. Even if you start the toy the highest vibration speed, the sounds level will be just around 50db. This toy is even quieter when pulsate within your pussy. Seemingly, your vaginal wall is a organic sound blocker ;). After you begin to make any humming sound, it's the moment to increase the intensity. Vibration with the greatest strength can actually make you groan! The pulse is not pinpointing, but it's quite strong and rumbly and really travels below the skin. What's better? You can effortlessly go for 2nd round or much more many thanks to its good battery life ; ).

When Lush 3 is inserted, you can barely feel it except if it begins to vibrate.

Durable battery one of the biggest upgrades Lush 3 has is its battery. Lovense enhanced the battery model so that this toy can be more lasting. After few yr of use, Lush 3 ought to nevertheles hold a equivalent quantity of battery life after each recharge. How to match Lush 3 with the " Lovense remote" app? First, you need to turn on the Lush 3 egg sex toy. To do that, only pres the switch button at the top of the bluetooth sensor for 3-5 seconds. The blinking red light at the top indicates that your toy is all set to connect.

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