Max 2 by Lovense : Biggest male masturbators

Lovense Max 2 can be supplemented with a special sleeve that completely simulates the vagina. This is the most realistic toy i've ever utilised. The suction is excellent. When the Max move s, the Nora responds. To be comprehensive of all couples, two Noras can synchronized together, 2 maxes can synchronized each other, as well a Nora and a Max syncing each other.

How is the shipping like?
The shipping and delivery procedure is very discreet, as it comes in a plain box without any clue as to what's inside. This was comforting for reasons I can't quite say - I gues perhaps I was afraid it would say, "big big sex toy in the box! " in red capital letters or some thing. Let's say, it was not the case. It will come in a smooth white package with the minimum of info on the backwards, but zilch too terribly important. When you open it up, you will see the Lovense Lush 3 waiting inside, safely packaged within a foam mould. Potent vibration. As a little toy offers quite an intensive vibration. To be more precise, it's 4 times more powerful than most toy in the industry. The pulse strength is equivalent, but the engine efficiency and durability are very much improved. The start button of the toy finds at the top of the bluetooth sensor, which allows you to easily switch it on/off or adjust the setting.

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