Metaxsire Oli sex toy

Oli, the g spot and external vibrator with connected features.

the smart high tech design enables you to like a variety of patterns and strength of vibrations whenever and wherever you are, even in the bath with it's ipx7 waterproof. Love a blended orgasm - oli targets your clitoris while stimulating your gspot. Sync your oli with cali male masturbator for synchronized feelings, transmit your moves to your companion real time. After the cali moves, the oli responds at the same time, at the totally same cadence, frequency, vibration range and delight.

Oli, the female adult toy is what most women dream of - clever, effortles to control, strong, silent, discrete, and pretty designed to stimulate each the clit-spot and the g spot. Oli and cali, individually or both, can target on your dick with the music footstep or the cinematic scene intensity, and bring you real intercourse orgasm with any great star, famous camgirl, preferred beloved. ...

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It is made of fully body-safe silicone, so it won't result in any allergies and is very effortles to wash. Of course if you intend to exploit a vibrator for alone fun, you can completely rely on oli's impeccable functionality, the smartest bunny sex toy.

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