Lovense Osci 2 vibrator - product overview

The trait of this device is that, unlike similar toys, the bases do not vibrate, but produce vibrations within. They deliver the highest level of satisfaction to the G spot. The ellipsoidal head produces a exclusive and inimitable stimulation.

Rather pulsate like other classic toys, our toy has a patented oscillating feature that moves the pulses in and out - pleasuring your Gspot in ways you've in no way imagined. The ellipsoidal head also provides exclusive and mighty stimulation. Osci 2 is a part of our Programmable line, which permits customers to preset their toy's button cycle with 3 customized pulse stages and upto 10 patterns using Lovense application. The mixture of the patented oscillating mechanism and completely shaped ellipsoidal head enable s locate G spot stimulus. The Osci 2 is fully adjustable and the user has complete control on the energy. Only get the apps and customise everything for yourself.

The oscillating aspect in blend with the perfectly shaped oval head stimulate s the Gspot. The toy can be connected to a computer. All you need is a Bluetooth Usb adapter. As far as mobile devices are involved, the software operates on all known systems. You can on top connect musical accompaniment. Management is carried out both in the near proximity and remotely. The kit contains the device itself with a Bluetooth connection, a charging cable and an instruction manual.

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